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On any given day Macquarie Park Innovation District (“Mac Park”) is home to over 40,000 students, 60,000 workers, 7,000 visitors and 13,000 residents. Traffic is a major concern for organisations in the park and will be further tested by the temporary railway closer in 2018/2019. 

The MPID Transport Hackathon is using the impending railway upgrade (which will close the Epping-Chatswood line for 7 months!) to look more broadly at mobility and connectivity solutions for Macquarie Park. How can we transform the precinct into a world-leading hub to learn, work and play? 

If you live, work, study and/or hangout in Macquarie Park, we need your input to make it the best place it can be!
1. Which of these would make Mac Park more vibrant and social?

2. What kind of tool would you use to find out about services, events and activities in Mac Park?

Pick the one you are most likely to use!

3. How often do you travel within Mac Park?

For example, from your place of work/study for meetings, shopping, sport in other parts of Mac Park.
4. How useful would the below actions be in helping you move around Mac Park?

Please rate from 1 star (not useful at all)  to 5 stars (extremely useful)
a. Shut down roads and use dedicated shuttles, walking, cycling to get people to/from workplaces

b. Improve pedestrian crossings and walkways

c. Have "on demand" vans / shuttles to move around Mac Park

The service would be ordered via an app and customise the route to the passenger(s)

d. A shuttle bus / light rail / tram around park with multiple stops

This service would have a fixed route

e. Incentives/Rewards for walking / cycling around Mac Park

f. Driverless cars / pods to get between offices

g. Electric bikes for travel between offices / shops in Mac Park

i. Hail & ride vans at peak hour to travel from rail stations and bus stops, to your workplace / university

5. How flexible are you with your days / times of travel to and from Mac Park?

6. Which of the following tech ideas for Mac Park excites you the most?

Pick your favourite! 

7. If you could influence the urban design of Mac Park, which of the following would you do?

You can type your own idea in "Other"

8. If you could make Mac Park more sustainable, which of the following options would you pick?

Pick one or suggest another idea!

9. How will you minimise disruption to your commute during the rail upgrade period? *

The rail upgrade period is expected to last 7 months starting late 2018. During this time, the Chatswood-Epping train line will not operate. Commute times for all travelling to Macquarie Park are expected to increase by 10min to 45mins each way.

10. What do you do in Mac Park?

Answer all that apply

Which organisation do you work for?

Psst - we have prizes for the company with the most survey responses!
About you

Just two final questions please!
What is your age range?

What is your gender?

Anything else you would like to share with us to make Mac Park a better place?

Go crazy! We'd love to hear your ideas.
You're awesome! Thank you for your time.

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